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DROP & GO MEET & GREET at Norwich Airport


Norwich International Airport, Amsterdam Way, Norwich, NR6 6JANorwich International Airport, Amsterdam Way, Norwich, NR6 6JA


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Opening Periods

Drop & Go Parking is open from 04:00 to 23:00 every day.

Security Measures

Drop & Go Parking has a secured storage site that is manned and fully fenced with on-site security patrols.

Facilities for disabled persons

This service is ideal for disabled customers. On your return please call 07876 717674 and advise the chauffeur of that you require special assistance. Your car will then be delivered back to you at one of the disabled bays on the first aisle of the Short Stay car park.

Maximum Car Size

Drop & Go Parking are unable to accept lorries, vans, mobile homes or caravans.

Vehicle Restrictions

Please note that your chosen car park is unable to accept lorries, vans, mobile homes or caravans.

Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: If your return flight is delayed and you go over your pre booked time (this will be adjusted to your official flight landing time) by 3 hours you will be charged extra by Drop and Go at our standard daily rate of £7.50. If your return to the Airport is between 22.00 and 05.00 a supplement of £2.50 will be charged alongside the standard daily charge. This is payable to your driver.


Cancellations made with at least 48 hrs notice are refunded in full. Within 48 hrs bookings are charged in full.


01603 754428

Arrival Procedure

Please call 07876 717674 when you are approximately 20 minutes from the airport to confirm your arrival time. On arrival at Norwich Airport, drive to the drop off point in the short stay car park. Please take the ticket issued at the barrier and pass it to your driver. A Drop & Go representative, identified by a board displaying the Drop & Go Logo will be waiting in the drop and pick up area. While you unload your luggage we will check in your car.

Transfer Details

Transfers are not required with this service as your car is collected from you and returned to you at the airport.

Distance To Airport

Drop & Go Parking's car park is located about 1 mile from the airport terminal.

Departure Procedure

When you have collected your baggage please telephone 07876 717674 to receive details of where your driver will meet you with your vehicle.

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"Excellent. Quite excellent. Delighted, wish I had used the service at Norwich before and so much better value than the on site parking,"
~ Mr Cadman on Tuesday 09 Dec 2014 at 17:45

" We were very impressed with the service and would definitely use this again when next flying from Norwich Airport "
~ MRS FROST on Tuesday 09 Dec 2014 at 17:45

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