What happens if I am running late for my flight?

When you arrive at our car park, please let the Duty Manager know and he will endeavour to get you on a bus to your Terminal as soon as possible.

Do you account for traffic between the airport and car park at peak times?

Yes we do, however in order for you to have a stress-free start to your holiday, we do advise you to arrive at our car park at least 45 minutes before your airport check in time.

How will I be collected from the airport?

You will be collected from the airport by one of our buses after having called our free phone number to say that you have returned. You will be given this number along with full return instructions on your arrival at the car park.

What if my plane is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, please give us a call on the number supplied on your return instructions (given to you on your arrival at the car park).

How long will I need to wait at the airport to be picked up?

Our buses run on demand and we will endeavour to pick you up as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that traffic conditions and other external situations beyond our control may sometimes result in a delay to your pick up.

Do you provide car seats for children on your buses?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply car seats for children on our transfer buses. However, at your own discretion, you may seat the child on your lap and use the main seatbelt provided for both of you.

Can I upgrade my booking to a Meet & Greet service?

You can upgrade your Park and Ride booking to a Meet and Greet service at any time, either before your pre-booked meet date or even on-route to the airport. However, please be aware that there may be some delay in sending the chauffeur to the airport if you upgrade at short notice, as we will not be able to guarantee the arrival time of the chauffeur.


How will you know that my return flight has landed?

Please call us on the number supplied with your car park return instructions as soon as possible after your flight lands in order that we can dispatch a chauffeur with your car to the airport.

What if my flight is delayed?

We monitor all flight arrivals on a live Heathrow Flight Information System. Once you have landed please call us as normal. Please note that long delays may result in additional car park charges.

How long will I need to wait for my car to be delivered?

Once you have called to confirm that you have landed we will dispatch our chauffeur with your car from the car park as soon as possible. Our aim is for your car to be waiting for you by the time you have cleared the Terminal. However we cannot predict unusual traffic conditions and other external situations beyond our control that could result in a delay.

Will the driver be fully insured to drive my car?

All of our drivers are comprehensively insured to drive your vehicle and it is covered by our insurance whilst it is in our care.

What happens if the driver damages my car?

Please check your car before leaving the terminal. Claims cannot be considered once vehicles have left the airport having been returned by the Purple Parking chauffeur to its owner. Should your vehicle have suffered damage whilst in our care, please immediately inform the chauffeur who will report the matter to the Duty Manager. In the event that the damage has been caused through negligence on our part we will undertake to make the repairs to your vehicle in a manner which restores it to the condition in which it arrived in our care. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for information regarding damage to glass and tyres.

What happens if my plane is delayed or cancelled?

Please advise us immediately if your flight is cancelled. If your flight is delayed please call us once you have landed. Please note that long delays may result in additional car park charges.

What happens if I am late for my meet time and do not inform you?

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your meet time without providing us with at least 30 minutes notice of your booked arrival time, your chauffeur will leave the airport and you will be charged a £25.00 No-Show fee. Please be aware that there may then be a delay in dispatching another chauffeur to you.