Website FAQs

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote or book an airport parking space with Purple Parking enter your travel requirements in the Quick Parking Quote requester on the home page.

Does the website work with all browsers?

The web site works on Firefox v3 onwards, Internet Explorer 7 onwards, Safari 5 onwards, and many mobile platforms including Android and iPhone.  We do not guarantee that the site will look correct or operate properly on older versions of the above browsers or other browser applications.  Internet Explorer 6 in particular may or may not work depending on the exact revision and build - you are advised to use a later version of Internet Explorer or an alternative browser if you are still using Internet Explorer 6.

How secure is your web site?

We store your details on our secure server. Like many e-commerce sites we have been validated by Verisign. Whenever we require sensitive data from you we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This secures your data by encrypting it.

After I gave my Credit Card details and pressed Confirm the page cleared and a message box popped up with the message "The page contains both secure and non secure items, do you want to display the non secure items." Why?

Throughout the booking process your data is secured using the SSL protocol, when you press confirm your booking is taken and we display a confirmation page. This confirmation page is still under our secure environment but contains links to parts of our web site that do not need to be secure, such as our airport parking meeting instruction and direction pages. Your data is Secure, the message merely alerts you to the fact that some links on the page are not under the secure protocol and that you will leave the secure environment should you click on them.

To know if you are in a secure connection or not, look for the closed padlock on your browser's status line. If it is present then you are currently under a secure connection and any details entered on this page are secure.

Depending on how your browser options are set you may or may not see this message. If you see the message box, then you have three choices denoted by 3 buttons YES, NO, MORE INFO.

If you click YES then the Confirmation page will display normally including the links that are not under SSL.

If you click NO then the page will display normally but remove the links not under SSL, therefore you will not be able to click on these links.

If you click MORE INFO then you will see the following:

Downloading non-secure content from a secure Web site

The Web site you are viewing is a secure site. It uses a security protocol such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or PCT (Private Communications Technology) to secure the information you send and receive.

When sites use a security protocol, information that you provide, such as your name or credit card number, is encrypted so that other people can’t read it. However, this Web page also contains items that do not use this secure protocol.

Given what you know about this Web site and your computer, you must decide whether to continue working with this site

After I gave my Credit Card details and pressed Confirm, I lost my connection to your website and/or received a system error. How do I check if my booking went through?

If your booking was successful, you should receive an email confirmation within a short time after confirming the booking. If you have not received the email or need to check straight away, return to our home page and click the 'My Parking' option.

Enter your surname and car registration.

This information should be entered in same way as entered during your booking, i.e. if you entered 160 Brent Rd then you can enter 160 BRENT RD or 160 Brent Rd but not 160 Brent Road.

If succesful then you will see a summary line of your booking, if you click on the reference number of the booking your confirmation page will be displayed for you to print.

If the summary line for your booking was not displayed and you are sure you entered the correct information in the display booking page, then the booking either did not complete or in extreme circumstances only partially completed, please phone our friendly reservation staff on 0845 450 0808 who will be able to put your mind at ease and if required complete your booking over the phone.

Can I get an e-mail confirmation of my booking?

If you have completed all the booking steps correctly, an automatic e-mail confirmation of the booking will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in your booking. However, you will not receive a booking confirmation e-mail if the e-mail address provided was misspelt or in some other way invalid. Please be aware that e-mail confirmations, allthough usually ariving within minutes, can take far longer to arrive when the internet is busy.

I have forgotten my password for my club membership?

On the home page, click on the 'My Bookings' option. Once the log-in page has been displayed click on the forgotten your password button. A pop-up screen will take you through the two step security process to change your password.

What should I put in the source code field if I do not have one?

If you do not have one, do not worry, you can leave it blank.

After I gave my Credit Card details and pressed Confirm, the page cleared and a message box popped up with the message "The Website has requested to save a file on your computer called a cookie..."

If you arrived at our site through a search engine, for instance Overture or Google, or, a third party web site that has joined our affiliate program; then a cookie file may be placed on your hard drive by this third-party. These third partycompanies may use aggregated statistics about your visits to this Web site to both help us and themselves enhance your PurpleParking experience. The information they collect does not include any identifiable personal information.

I booked with PurpleParking months ago and joined your club. I now wish to book again but cannot find my membership number.

You do not require your membership number to login but you will need your login name and relevant password. In order to obtain this information you will need to ring our reservations department on 0845 450 0808 who will be able to look up these details for you.

What are the running times of the buses at Heathrow?

Travellers should allow 30 minutes for their bus transfer for Heathrow.

Our buses run every 15 minutes throughout the day