Travel Advice

We have been parking cars for 25 years, providing the best value top security car parking service. From the very beginning we have striven to constantly improve the service we provide which is why we've created this handy travel advice section. Once you've decided where and when you need airport parking you can take advantage of our how-to guides on everything from golf baggage allowances to how to entertain the kids during your journey.

Preparing for your trip

The most important thing when travelling is to make sure that you and your family are safe and well. Its vital to think about any travel vaccinations you may need well in advance especially if you are travelling to a developing country. Here's our guide to the best way to avoid illness by having the right travel jabs.

Travel stress

All of the things you need to consider when travelling such as packing, getting to the airport and catching your plane on time can lead to stress. However, travel stress can be more easily managed if you put the right plans in place. Our guide offers advice on planning a holiday, what to do the day before you travel and how to relieve stress when flying. Your holiday starts here!

Travelling with a family

Going on holiday with your family is a wonderful and exciting experience that will leave you with lots of great memories. However, preparing for this time can be stressful especially with babies and toddlers. Our travel planner looks at what to pack, things to consider when researching and booking family holidays and some top tips on how to keep toddlers and children entertained on the flight.

Travelling with pets

Pets are part of the family too and we know that you'll want to keep them happy whether you're planning on taking them away with you or leaving them at home. Rather than worrying about where and where isn't pet friendly or whether you need a pet passport, read our tips on avoiding quarantine, transportation, what to do when you reach your destination and advice on leaving your pet in the UK.

Air travel for disabled or reduced mobility passengers

Travelling by air with a disability or restricted mobility may seem daunting, with many potential complications to overcome. However, with some careful pre-planning you will be able to take advantage of a range of special airport assistance to help keep your trip running smoothly. Here we've gathered a range of tips and advice for flying with restricted mobility, as well as specific guidelines from individual airlines to help keep you in the know for your next getaway.

Money saving tips for ski holidays

There's a lot to consider when planning a ski holiday and the cost of accommodation, equipment hire, transport to and from the piste, lift passes, transfers and flights can mount up extremely quickly. To help keep costs down we've compiled some advice on how to make your ski holiday more affordable.

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

Whether it's the initial take-off, the landing, turbulence or just being 20,000 feet in the air, not much can cause you to dread a holiday more than a fear of flying. With so many people feeling anxious about flying, here's a quick look at why people get nervous on planes and some top tips from experts and anxious fliers about how to handle your flying fear.

Hidden Airline Charges

When you add up the booking fees, baggage charges and admin costs that come with no-frills airlines, it can sometimes be cheaper to fly with traditional operators. We've put together a summary of the main add-on airline charges that you need to consider before you book your flights to make sure you're getting the best deal and don't run into any nasty surprises at the airport.

Jet lag and how to beat it

Have you ever suffered with a feeling of tiredness and confusion after a long flight? If so then it's likely you have experienced jet lag. Here we've gathered some information on what causes jet lag, as well as some tips on how to avoid or reduce the effects.

Global Emergency Numbers

Whilst we hope you won't have any incidents on your next getaway, but, if you do, it's worth being prepared with the right contact details should you have any problems. Here we present emergency telephone numbers that you should keep handy just in case.

Holiday Scams UK

Holidaymakers are being increasingly targeted by scams, particularly when booking and planning getaways. We’ve gathered some information you should be aware of when booking a trip to avoid being caught out by fraudsters.

Packing and baggage
Hand Luggage Restrictions & Weight Allowances

What can you bring into the cabin when you fly? Does a suit carrier count as your hand luggage? Because each airline has slightly different restrictions on how much you're allowed to bring on-board we've pulled together this guide so to help you know what to include in your hand luggage, what to pack in your hold luggage and what to leave behind.

Seating and baggage allowances for infants

There's a lot to think about when travelling with an infant and the different rules of each airline can become confusing. We've gathered together the seating and baggage regulations of some of the UK's major airlines to help make your travels with a young child a little bit easier.

Golf baggage allowances

If you want to ensure that your golfing holiday is more hole-in-one than triple bogey our guide to golf baggage allowances makes the rules on bag size, bag weight and even the destination you travel to and from easy to digest. The golf baggage allowance table we have created compares the golf baggage policies of the 12 major airlines helping you understand and calculate the additional cost to your golf travel. The one thing we can't do is improve your handicap!

Airline camping equipment restrictions

With airline restrictions, transporting key items like gas burners, wood axes or even mallets can seem like a minefield and could risk you being unable to reach your destination with everything you need. We've checked the airline rules and found the following camping-related guidelines - be sure to head here before your next overseas outdoors adventure to ensure you're not tripped up by baggage restrictions.

Flying With a Bicycle

Want to take your bike on a plane but don't know where to start with airline regulations? There are some restrictions on bicycles, so get up to speed with Purple Parking' guide.

Flying with Water Sports Equipment

If you're a natural water baby and are seeking out new wet and wild experiences around the world, check out our guide to baggage limits for your trusty water sports equipment.

At the airport
Arriving at the airport

Deciding how much time to leave for checking-in at the airport is one of the most common concerns when travelling abroad. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the queues at the checking-in desk, making your way through security and getting to your departure gate. Each airline has slightly different rules so we've compiled a guide to the checking-in policies of some popular flight operators leaving from the UK.

Heathrow Airport security

Getting through airport security can be a stressful experience especially if you don't know all the rules and regulations on what can and can't pass through. Our guide takes you through the liquids, sharp and dangerous items and large and special items to be aware of. It also offers some useful packing tips so you can prepare in advance and breeze through the security gates without worry.

Waiting at airports

The lead up to holidays can be very exciting, the last day at school or work, the packing, checking on the weather... but so often you will get to the airport and have a long wait. If you have a long stop over, or even just prefer to get to the airport extra early, these tips on what to do at the airport can help to keep you entertained.

Airport Money Saving Tips

Time at the airport can be risky as it’s easy to find yourself casually spending the holiday money you've been saving for weeks before even reaching your destination. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, alone or with the family in tow, here are our tips to help you plan ahead and shop sensibly without blowing your budget.

Healthy Guide to Airport Food

With so much to think about when travelling, what you'll be eating along the way is likely to be the last thing on your mind. However, airport food can often be unhealthy – leaving you sluggish and uncomfortable. Use our handy guide to pick out the best options for healthy eating at the airport, to help you feel healthier and happier on your trip.

Business Facilities & WiFi Locations

There are many ways to help make business travel easier, particularly by making the most of the facilities available at the airports. To help your business travel, we have gathered this information for the UK's 10 busiest airports into the following table, including information on the lounges, Wifi and conference facilities available at each airport.

What to do when your flight gets cancelled or delayed

Flights can be delayed for a variety of reasons; staff strikes, security threats and freak natural phenomenon, but if a cancellation or delay is the airline's fault, then you could be owed some compensation.

Your holiday
Driving Abroad

Whether you're hiring a vehicle to drive abroad or taking yours with you, it's important that you know the individual rules of how to drive at your destination. Each country has its own regulations and customs so it's important to be prepared with all the information and supplies you need before you hit the road.

Eating and Drinking Safeley Overseas

Taking time to consider where your food and drink has come from can help to avoid any inconvenient illnesses that could scupper your time away. Here are some top tips for staying safe while eating and drinking overseas.

If there are any airlines or information not included here that you would like to know more about, email us at and we'll include the most popular.